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Chartered physiotherapists have many modalities to improve a patient's health and well-being


ULTRASOUND - High frequency sound waves which are absorbed by soft tissue and cause a vibration ( like a very quick micro massage) in the soft tissue and this also produces an increase in temperature which stimulates healing.

H-WAVE - This is an electrical stimulation which relieves pain, stimulated healing, and locally stimulates muscle function.

LASER - Laser therapy are electromagnetic waves of high concentrated infra-red rays. Again this helps to stimulate healing and tissue repair.

SHOCKWAVE THERAPY - A new form of Electrotherapy especially useful in Achilles Tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis.


These are gentle movements of joints and muscles which help to restore normal function. This is almost like a very gentle massage for those who may be slightly afraid of treatment or especially for the young and old.


These are therapeutic movements of joints, especially of the spine. It is what people say when they have had their back or neck "Clicked".


These are massage techniques of soft tissue, used especially on old chronic injuries where an injury has produced too much scar tissue.


This is the corrections of dysfunctions caused by abnormalities of the feet. Correction is made using Vasyli insoles which can be individually adjusted to the patient and this can often be different to each foot.

Exercises and postural advice:

During or once the dysfunction has been corrected then the patient has to do exercises to prevent the injury. Postural exercises run alongside postural advice and correction of poor posture and correction of bad habits at work and at leisure.

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